Day 1:

Unlocking the Mysteries -
Introduction to Tarot

  • Origins and history of tarot cards.
  • Evolution of tarot as a spiritual tool.
  • The significance of the Major Arcana cards.
  • Deep dive into the symbolism of 5 key Major Arcana cards.
  • Meditation to connect with the energy of the Major Arcana.

Day 2:

Dive into the Depths -
Live Tarot Reading Session

  • Overview of the structure of a tarot deck.
  • Step-by-step guide to conducting a live tarot reading.
  • Practice sessions with real-life scenarios.
  • Introduction to the Water Cards in the Minor Arcana
  • Understanding emotions and intuition in tarot readings.

Day 3:

Wealth and Abundance - Magical Money Habits

  • 7 powerful money habits for tarot healers
  • Practical tips for increasing abundance
  • Case studies of successful tarot entrepreneurs
  • Exploration of the Fire Cards in the Minor Arcana
  • Harnessing the energy of passion and creativity

Day 4:

Building Your Tarot Consultation

  • Marketing strategies to attract clients
  • Setting financial goals and milestones
  • Secret techniques to reach Rs 20 lakhs in the next year
  • Understanding the Sword Cards in the Minor Arcana
  • Navigating challenges and conflicts in tarot practice

Day 5:

Tarot as a Life
Coaching Tool

  • Integration of tarot into life coaching sessions
  • Techniques for providing guidance and support
  • Real-life examples of successful coaching with tarot
  • Final reflections and insights from the BootCamp
  • Invitation to join the 6-week Advanced Osho Zen Tarot Certification Program

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