Module 1:

Life Coaching

  • Understanding the fundamentals of life coaching
  • Developing effective coaching techniques
  • Building rapport and trust with clients

Module 2:

10X Life

  • Enhancing personal productivity and time management
  • Cultivating resilience and adaptability
  • Improving communication and interpersonal skills

Module 3:


  • Exploring spirituality and its role in personal growth
  • Practices for connecting with inner wisdom and intuition
  • Integrating spiritual principles into daily life

Module 4:


  • Understanding different modalities of healing
  • Techniques for self-healing and emotional well-being
  • Providing support and guidance to clients in their healing journey

Module 5:


  • Discovering the significance of angel numbers
  • Interpreting angel numbers for guidance and insight
  • Incorporating angel numbers into coaching sessions

Module 6:

Intelligence (A.i.)

  • Exploring the impact of AI on personal and professional life
  • Leveraging AI tools for personal development and productivity
  • Ethical considerations and potential pitfalls of AI integration

Module 7:

Prosperity Healing
to Attract Money

  • Addressing limiting beliefs and blocks around money
  • Techniques for attracting abundance and prosperity
  • Aligning with the energy of wealth and abundance

Module 8:

Advance Law of Attraction
& Manifestation

  • Mastering the principles of the law of attraction
  • Advanced techniques for manifestation and goal achievement
  • Overcoming challenges and resistance in manifestation

Module 9:


  • Understanding the power of switch words for manifestation
  • Incorporating switch words into daily affirmations and intentions
  • Practical exercises for utilizing switch words effectively

Module 10:

How to Speak Like
a Champion

  • Developing confidence and presence in public speaking
  • Crafting compelling and persuasive messages
  • Overcoming fear and anxiety associated with public speaking

Module 11:

10X Money
Making Skills

  • Strategies for increasing income and financial abundance
  • Creating multiple streams of income
  • Developing a mindset of abundance and prosperity

Module 12:

Influencing &
Convincing Skills

  • Techniques for influencing and persuading others
  • Building rapport and trust in communication
  • Negotiation skills for achieving win-win outcomes

Module 13:

Advance Instagram &
Advance Facebook Mastery

  • Leveraging social media platforms for personal branding and business growth
  • Strategies for building a loyal following and engaging audience
  • Content creation and marketing techniques for Instagram and Facebook

Module 14:

30 Day Lead Gen

  • Implementing effective lead generation strategies
  • Nurturing leads and converting them into clients
  • Tracking and optimizing lead generation efforts

Module 15:


  • Improving communication and connection in relationships
  • Techniques for resolving conflicts and strengthening bonds
  • Nurturing healthy and fulfilling relationships

Module 16:

Reprograming Your
Money Frequency

  • Identifying and transforming limiting beliefs around money
  • Reprogramming subconscious patterns for financial abundance
  • Aligning with the frequency of wealth and prosperity

Module 17:

How to Create your Own Tarot & Self Development Course

  • Steps for designing and developing a comprehensive course curriculum
  • Creating engaging course materials and resources
  • Marketing and promoting your course effectively

Module 18:

Permission to use my Course
Material & Videos

  • Understanding intellectual property rights and usage permissions
  • Guidelines for using and sharing course materials ethically
  • Protecting your own intellectual property rights

Future Courses
and Sessions

  • Tailored courses and sessions designed to meet evolving needs and interests
  • Continuous support and guidance for ongoing personal and professional development

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